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  • 2019년 1월 31일 목요일

    Hangang Daewoo apartment!!!! It's a forest-like apartment.

    Hello, this is high-rent consulting !!

    This month, I have a nice house for rent and I will write to show you.

    Hangang Daewoo is an apartment with a clean nature

    It is an apartment that is filled with love and a living apartment ~~!

    So let me show you more details about the Hangang Daewoo Apartment, which is a good place to live!

    The Han River Daewoo that we will show you is a total of 10 dongs, 834 generations and 1162 parking lots !!
    Parking lot is basement divided in the ground !!

    When I saw the apartment, I thought it was the first thing that reminded me of a clean image.
    The feeling that the apartment which stretched out straight forms the forest with the apartments next to it!

    Then there are four rooms, two toilets and a connecting balcony between bedroom and living room. It's really perfect.

    The playgrounds in the apartments are softer and the kids are not going to worry about it, and at that time the parents have a conversation time. haha

    It is easy to go anywhere if you go to Yongsan from Ichon Station in front of Leechon Station. ^^

    If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!
    Until that day when everyone lives in a nice apartment
    High-Rent Consulting
    Representative: Ahn Young-bok
    182, Ichon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    Contact: 02-790-0099

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