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  • 2023년 6월 12일 월요일

    Chip rental high rised NEW Apartment in Gaeporo Gangnamgu Seoul

    "Hello, everyone! Today, I am excited to introduce you to the luxurious apartment complex 'Gaepo Xi Residence' in Seoul. Monthly RENT :\7,000,000- In advance .

    First, let's talk about the size of this apartment. With a generous total area of 143.12㎡ and an actual living space of 109.88㎡, you can live comfortably in a spacious environment.

    And guess what? This apartment is located on the 21st floor of a 34-story building! The view from up here is absolutely spectacular.

    Can’t wait to move into this apartment? No waiting is always the best. This apartment is available for immediate move-in.

    Located in the southeast, you can start your day by basking in the morning sunlight. And since this is the direction the living room faces, you can enjoy the warm sunlight right from the comfort of your living room.

    Now, let's dig a little deeper into the building. A total of 3,375 households reside here, and parking space is ample. With parking available for 5,881 vehicles, you don't have to worry about parking!

    This apartment consists of 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms, an optimized structure for a pleasant living with your family.

    'Gaepo Xi Residence' was authorized for use in February 2023. Being a newly constructed apartment, all the facilities are spanking new.

    Are you a nature lover? Daemosan and Yangjaecheon Waterfront Park are right nearby. How about a walk or a picnic with your family on the weekends?

    Moreover, convenience facilities like Lotte Department Store Gangnam Branch, E-Mart Seocho Branch, Seoul Samsung Hospital, and Gangnam Severance Hospital are located nearby.

    And here’s the amazing part – the apartment complex is equipped with community facilities like Xi Study, Xi Culture, and Xi Center. From sports, studies, to cultural activities, everything is possible here!

    Attention to those who prioritize education! This area is surrounded by prestigious schools, including Gaepo Elementary, Gaewon Middle, Jungdong Middle, Gaepo High, Jungsan High, Gyeonggi Girls' High, and Sookmyung Girls' High School.

    Lastly, transportation is really convenient. Gaepo-dong Station and Daemosan Entrance Station on the Bundang Line are within walking distance, and you can also use the Daechi Station on Line 3.

    That's it for the luxurious 'Gaepo Xi Residence'. A place where you can be the star in a luxurious setting, be sure to pay a visit! See you next time!"

    2023년 5월 1일 월요일

    Spacious, affordable, two room apartment perfect for students. 6 minutes walking distance from Hapjeong station.

    This Spacious two room apartment is perfect for your stay in Seoul, South Korea. 
    For starters, the pricing is extremely convenient, you won't find anything like this for this type of apartment (two rooms and one bathroom). The lease is 120 Million won and the payments per month are only 30 thousand won. 
    You can move ASAP, it is already empty and it will be cleaned right before you move so that you can arrive to a cozy, clean home.
    If you are a university student or a young professionist, this apartment is the right fit for you, you. If you don't want to be alone, you can move with a friend, there is enough space for having a roomate since the apartment is multi-family type.

    The neighborhood is nice, clean and neighbours are friendly and kind. There is an elementary school nearby but the noise does not reach the apartment so you can enjoy some quiet time if you want to. Also, there are many convenience stores and facilities like Lotte cinemas, Kyobo Bookstore and YG Entretainment which is the agency of BLACKPINK, Treasure, GD and other artist so, you might run into a celebrity while living here!. 

    If you are not convinced yet that this is the best apartment for you, let me tell you that you just ned to walk 6 minutes to get to Hapjeong station line 2 and 4 minutes to Mangwon station line 6, what else can you ask for?.

    Here is some more information and pictures about the apartment:

    Building Type
    a detached house
    Building type
    the corresponding layer/full layer
    the ring layer / the second floor
    Dedicated/supply area
    34m2/40m2(10.28 pyeong / 12.1 pyeong)
    Number of rooms/bathrooms
    two / one
    type of living room
    Separation type
    the standard/direction of the line
    a master bedroom/trend
    Entrance Type
    Total number of households
    5th generation
    Number of cars parked in the building
    first generation (0.2 units per generation)

    Your new apartment awaits you, get in contact now.

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    2022년 10월 24일 월요일

    Two beds one bath low story apartment in Hapjeongdong near Hongdae University.

    It is second floor
    보낸 메시지
    The location is best of best . It is quite close to hongdae area
    보낸 메시지
    It just 10 to 15minutes on foot.
    보낸 메시지
    428-41, Hapjeongdong, mapog,seoul

    size : 36 m2
    Remodelled and clean.